Tennis has been taught the WRONG way to kids long enough!

This old "tennis instruction" is devoid of purpose, devoid of fun, devoid of any creativity and visual stimulation...and sadly results in the majority of kids quitting or hating the game. We should know, three years ago our own kids were on the verge of quitting and we knew we had to find a better way!

  • All the focus has been on teaching kids the shots -- how to hit a forehand, backhand, volley, or serve.

  • Kids are taught just like adults - with a focus on rote repetition that is boring, lacking stimulation, and completely devoid of any imagination and creativity.

  • Our new at-home realities have left parents scrambling through a sea of uncurated YouTube videos that offer no progression or long-term improvement.

  • Often the classes for the smallest kids get the most beginner coaches that have NO lesson plan, NO progressive curriculum, and very little experience.

  • Ask a child that is just starting WHY she is hitting a forehand, she will have no idea.  She is being asked to do something -- and keep her focus on it because it is hard to do -- without knowing or relating to WHY she is even doing it!


we reimagined teaching tennis through the eyes of kids?

Would we be able to make kids excited to play, keep their focus and improve faster than ever before?

The answer is:

YES! YES! and YES!

Presenting: Superhero Tennis School

Our Award-winning children development program that takes a fun and creative approach to generate exponential improvement for the youngest tennis players of the family

We are so excited to bring you the completely groundbreaking way to teach kids AT HOME to actually PLAY tennis (not just hit balls).  The FOCUS of the entire course is SIMPLE - by the end of the course all our students will be able to rally over a net with each other and actually PLAY tennis - GUARANTEED!  
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Your tennis adventure



We are senior educators, master tennis coaches and life-long lovers of the game and have our own kids 3-8 years old that inspired us to disrupt the old failed way and create our own new path - and now you too can give the GIFT of tennis to your child!

  • This course has ONE PURPOSE -- get the kids to rally live balls as quickly as possible. Afterall isn't that what tennis is supposed to be all about?!?

  • No need for a court. Designed to be done at home without the need for any expensive equipment.

  • We built the foundation on a progressive methodology perfected from thousands of hours teaching kids this age.

  • From that solid foundation, we did something CRAZY.  We channeled our own inner child, and through fun and imagination, created a completely new way to TEACH the skills in a language that SPEAKS to kids.  

  • Through costumes, fantasy adventures and superhero challenges we activate the children's imaginations, their sense of purpose, and their full bodies in motion.

  • Short skill-based 3-5 minute daily "superhero challenges" use short stories to get the kids practicing.  This targeted daily repetition creates muscle memory faster and creates a habit for the kids.

  • The kids receive unique badges for every challenge they master, that they can collect inside their "Superhero Badge Book."



  • 1


    • Welcome to this great adventure!

    • CHAPTER 1: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 1: First Day of Superhero School

    • READY & REACT: Superhero Ready Position

    • CATCHING: Sticky Hands

    • TIMING: Tied Balloon Bounce Up/Down

    • CONTROL: Catch and Roll

    • TECHNIQUE: Forehand/Backhand Stick Touch

    • STRENGTH: Jump & Squat

    • Before you move on..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Sticky Hand Badge

  • 2


    • CHAPTER 2: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 2: Ice Pond Practice Superhero Training

    • CHAPTER 2: Badge Introduction

    • READY & REACT: Superhero Ready Position & Split

    • CATCHING: Catch & Turn

    • THROWING: Overhand Target Throws

    • TIMING: Free Balloon Bounce

    • CONTROL: Lobster Net Catches

    • RALLY: Forehand/Backhand Balloon Taps

    • TECHNIQUE: Forehand/Backhand Ball Taps

    • STRENGTH: Ice Jump & Tap

    • Before you move on..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Ice Pond Practice Badge

  • 3


    • CHAPTER 3: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 3: Adventure on the Ninja Temple

    • CHAPTER 3: Badge Introduction

    • READY & REACT: Ready/Split/Go/Stop

    • CATCHING: Move/ Catch / Ready

    • TIMING: Catch & Hit

    • CONTROL: Ball Hit Into Bucket

    • RALLY: Forehand/Backhand Ball Taps

    • TECHNIQUE: Groundies VS. Volleys

    • STRENGTH: Knee Push Ups

    • Before you move on...

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Ninja Badge

  • 4


    • CHAPTER 4: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 4: Don't let Balligana Steal the Book of Tricks

    • CHAPTER 4: Badge Introduction

    • READY & REACT: Ready/ Split/ Go/ Tap/ Recover

    • CATCHING: Multi-Wave Catches

    • THROWING: Multi-Wave Hits

    • TIMING: Multi-Wave Precision

    • RALLY: Tap Rally Over Net

    • STRENGTH: Burpees

    • Help Ace Recover the Book of Tricks

    • Ace Recovers the Book of Tricks

    • Before you move on..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Blue Star of Courage Badge

  • 5


    • AWARDING OF MEDAL: Superhero Basic Training Medal

  • 6


    • CHAPTER 6: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 6: Learning to be Precise

    • CHAPTER 6: Badge Introduction

    • FOOTWORK: Ready, Split Step, Hit, Ready

    • CATCHING: Fast & Blind Sticky Hands

    • HITTING: Target Practice

    • TIMING: Hip Contact

    • CONTROL: Hit with Foot Pivot

    • TECHNIQUE: Forehand/Backhand Push Practice

    • RALLY: Forehand/Backhand Ball Push

    • STRENGTH: Jump & Squat & Hit

    • Before you move on..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Lava Cake Badge

  • 7


    • CHAPTER 7: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 7: Superhero Footspeed

    • CHAPTER 7: Badge Introduction

    • FOOTWORK: Ready & Split & Fast Feet

    • CATCHING: High Low Right and Left

    • THROWING: Straight / Cross / Under / Over / Side

    • TIMING: Fast Feet, Stop, Hit, Reset

    • CONTROL: Fast Feet, Jump, Fast Feet, Jump

    • RALLY: Forehand/Backhand Tied Balloon Volley Taps

    • TECHNIQUE: Fast Feed with Groundies Aiming Cross-court and Down the Line

    • STRENGTH: Small Med Balls Hip Throws

    • Before you go..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Quick Sand Badge

  • 8


    • CHAPTER 8: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 8: Earning Laser Power

    • FOOTWORK: Ready / R Foot Jump / Ready / L Foot Jump

    • CATCHING: Multi-Wave Move / Catch / Ready

    • THROWING: Self Feeding Ball Alone to Target

    • TIMING: Catch & Hit

    • CONTROL: Ball Hit Into Bucket

    • RALLY: Forehand/Backhand Ball Tap

    • TECHNIQUE: Groundies VS Volleys

    • STRENGTH: Quick Hands Balloon Taps

    • Before you go..

    • AWARD OF BADGE: Laser Power Badge

  • 9


    • CHAPTER 9: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 9: Central Ace Base Final Exam

    • FOOTWORK: Ready/ Split/ Go/ Tap/Recover / Ready/ Split / Catch / Recover

    • CATCHING: Catch Then Tap

    • THROWING: Multi-Wave Throw

    • TIMING: Forehand/Backhand/ F Volley/ B Volley/ Overhead

    • CONTROL: Multi-Wave Precision

    • RALLY: Tap Rally Over Net

    • TECHNIQUE: Hip VS. Shoulder Hit

    • STRENGTH: Burpees

    • Before you go..

    • AWARDING OF BADGE: Green Start Badge

  • 10


    • AWARDING OF MEDAL: Superhero Ace Base Champion

  • 11


    • CHAPTER 11: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 11: Power Team First Practice

    • FOOTWORK: Ready/ Split/ Tap/ Recover/ Ready/ Split/ Tap/ Recover

    • CATCHING: Under, Over, Side Catches

    • THROWING: Under, Over, Side Throws to Target

    • TIMING: Forehand/Backhand Push Style

    • CONTROL: Hit the Balloon Target Away

    • RALLY: Intro to Push Rally

    • TECHNIQUE: Pointy Follow Through

    • Before you go..

    • AWARD OF BADGE: Power Team Gold Star

  • 12


    • CHAPTER 12: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 12: Power Team Catches Fire

    • FOOTWORK: Plank, Ready, Split

    • THROWING: Rapid Fire Over/Under/Side Throws

    • TIMING: Plank, Hop, Ready, Hit

    • CONTROL: Plank, Jump, Hit, Target

    • RALLY: Kneel Rise Hit

    • STRENGTH: Fire Test Plank

    • Before you go..

    • AWARD OF BADGE: Fire Trooper Badge

  • 13


    • CHAPTER 13: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 13: Power Team Laser Speed Test

    • CORE: Burpees Test

    • CATCHING: Rapid Fire Catching Test

    • THROWING: Rapid Fire Throw Test

    • TIMING: Rapid Fire Multi-Bounce Test

    • CONTROL: Rapid Fire Racquet Hit to Target

    • RALLY: Longest Rally Test

    • TECHNIQUE: Rapid Fire Split Push Hit Target

    • Before you go..

    • AWARDING OF MEDAL: Laser Master Badge

  • 14


    • CHAPTER 14: Parent Guide

    • MISSION 14: The Balligons are coming

    • FOOTWORK: Ready/ Split/ Go/ Tap/ Recover

    • CATCHING: Multi-Wave Catch

    • THROWING: Multi-Wave Throw

    • TIMING: Multi-Wave Hits

    • CONTROL: Multi-Wave Precision

    • RALLY: Tap Rally Over Net

    • TECHNIQUE: Hip VS. Shoulder Hit

    • STRENGTH: Burpees

    • Before you go..

    • AWARD OF BADGE: Blue Star of Courage Badge

  • 15


    • Rally Challenge

    • AWARDING OF MEDAL: Superhero Advanced Training Medal

    • Graduation Ceremony

Watch Intro Video

Sneak Peak Video from Course

Each Chapter has a "Mission" that engages the kids in a story and introduces them to the skills they will learn and practice in the rest of the Chapter. This is Mission #1.


A Parents Guide for each chapter that gives you all the tools you need to support your little superhero on this adventure. Including sample weekly schedules, equipment lists and coaching tips.


Each Superhero in training will receive his superhero badge book in the mail upon starting the course.  After successfully completing each chapter, they will get their graduation badge to print and add to their booklet.


  • Exponential Results

    The results have blown us away.  We knew that this would be MORE FUN for the kids, but it's the SPEED OF IMPROVEMENT that has left (even) us speechless.  Kids are improving FOUR TIMES FASTER than the old-fashioned on-court group lesson AND they are ASKING TO PLAY all the time. This is what exponential improvement is all about! , which is why we guarantee than in just a couple of months your kids will start rallying over the net. Additionally, our program will dramatically boost their confidence and improve their coordination, fitness, and comprehension/IQ.

  • 100% Risk-Free

    We have a 100% success rate and you can try us risk-free! We offer 30 days money-back guarantee if your child goes through the course and is not improving. We designed this course to be taken at your own pace but we see the best success with a steady and consistent schedule that is year-round. Since this course can be taken and practiced anywhere, it is great for all seasons.


Superhero Mentor and CEO

Yann Auzoux (aka Spidey)

The CEO and Mastermind behind the Superhero Team. "Every kid loves to play a superhero. I teach them how to become one." As a former Davis Cup, Top 10 D1 player, #1 nationally ranked player, Yann has excelled at EVERY level of the game from beginner to the World Class Stage. Yann is the visionary behind the Tennis Central Experience where the focus is exclusively put on each player’s journey.

Superhero Master Pro

Nuno Rocha

Tennis Pro by day, Superhero by night. Nuno has a passion for teaching kids how to be super tennis players and for saving the world. As a Youth Development Specialist, Nuno shares a contagious love for the game with all his students. In this native Lisbon, Portugal, Nuno was ranked in the men's Top 50 and was a National Team Champion at the ages of 14, 16, and 18. As an NCAA D1 full scholarship recipient he competed against the nation's most prestigious conferences, such as SEC, AAC, and Sun Belt.

Superhero Master Pro

Paula Avellan

Superhero Paula comes from a land where magic and tennis are one and the same. Paula's calling is to develop the true superpowers within every child. Paula is a certified Master Pro with WTA, ITF, and NCAA experience. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and was captain of her college team. She has worked with the best in the world: Juan Martin Del Potro's, Pico Monaco's coaches in Argentina, and Roland Garros Champion Andres Gomez.

Superhero Master Pro

Rok Bozic

Superhero Rok is dedicated to making the world a safer and more fun place. Rok's mission is to instill a love for tennis in as many hearts as he touches. As a former National Champion of Slovenia, junior pro, #7 ranked nationally doubles player, Rok's unique skill set welcomes ALL-Performance players and takes pride in exponentially improving players of any age. Rok has been a part of Tennis Central since its beginning and has helped thousands of kids improve their tennis game.

Superhero Master Pro

Skylar Morton

With Superhero Skylar, the sky is the limit! Skylar has experience in saving the world and developing players of all ages and gender from beginners to elite. As a former WTA player, Twice All-American D1 player, and a #1 nationally ranked player, Skylar has excelled at EVERY level of the game from beginner to the World Class stage.


Our superhero team can't wait to welcome your child to our NEW Superhero Tennis Academy!

We got your back!

  • What if my kids do not like it or do not improve?

    Our tested methodology has a 100% success rate. However, you can try it out risk-free with our 7-day free trial. Our program is not only fun but also gives results. If your kid through the completion of the program cannot rally within a year, you will get a full refund.

  • Doing online schooling puts a lot of pressure on my kids’ education. I do not want to pressure them more into learning extra things behind a computer screen.

    The program is designed as a fun instructional and tutorial short type of video. The use of superheroes will engage your kid’s creative mind and they will start relating tennis to a fun activity, similar to recess or playtime (things that unfortunately they cannot do and miss during quarantine).

  • I am not interested in investing in a lot of tennis equipment I will not use after the quarantine

    The exercises do not require extra equipment besides inexpensive things that you already have at home

  • I have limited space at home

    All our exercises can be done in very small spaces, including small apartment living rooms.

  • I already teach my kids’ school work, I do not want extra work on myself

    Our videos are instructional and do not require extra instruction or responsibilities from parents. The videos are designed to be both instructional and fun family activities to kill time and get kids away from screens during the quarantine.

  • Would like to get kids interested in sports but they do not show interested in any. What if this happens again with this program?

    Conventional approaches into teaching young kids athletics have a low-success rate. We offer a multi-dimensional approach in which we seek to develop every kid’s unique sets of skills and turn them into tennis aficionados. You can try us 100% Risk-Free!


Superheroes are not built in a day and depending on your training frequency and how quickly your child is able to master each challenge, this course should take 3-6 months to complete. With over 120 skill-based superhero videos that are based on a proven progression, your little tennis superhero will be rallying in no time. You can choose to pay in three easy monthly installments that cost less than a private lesson! Or enjoy a discount by choosing a one-time payment. For schools and groups looking to offer an organized, safe and proven sports program, we now offer a school option that allows for unlimited student enrollment.


and give your kids tennis superpowers!